07.13 - Villacidro/Cagliari, Sardagna, Italy at Centro Aggregazione Giovanile
07.10 - Città Sant'Angelo, Italy at MuseoLaboratorio di Arte Contemporanea
07.11 - Lodi, Italy at AreaBar Parco Belgiardino.
07.06 - Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy at Oasi San Martino
07.04 - Athens, Greece at Six D.O.G.S
06.30 - Brussels, Belgium at Magasin 4
06.29 - Paris, France at Espace B
06.27 - Vienna, Austria at Fluc
06.25 - Bratislava, Slovakia at Obluda Klub
06.26 - Rožnov pod Radhoštem, Czech Republic at Vrah
06.24 - Brno, Czech Republic, at Boro Klub
06.23 - Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic at Galerie R51
06.22 - Tocník, Czech Republic - Silver Rocket Fest with the Obits and Paramount Styles
06.21 - Murska Sobota, Slovenia at Festival Soboski with the Obits


09.08 Chicago, IL at Quenchers Saloon with Bottomless Pit + Coffin Pricks
09.07 Chicago, IL at Quenchers Saloon with IfIHadaHifi + Fake Limbs

09.03 - 09.05 Chicago, IL, recording of the eventual 4th album at Electrical Audio

09.01 Minneapolis, Minnesota at First Avenue with Shellac and Stnnng


12.10 Schio, Italy at the Centro Stabile di Cultura
12.08 Livorno, Italy at the Cage Theatre
12.07 Bologna, Italy at Locomotiv Club
11.27-12.06 Write and rehearse material for Bellini IV
11.26 Milan, Italy at La Terra Trema Festival al Leoncavallo


11.16 Home
11.13 Udine, Italy at NoFun Club + Father Murphy
11.12 Bologna, Italy at Scalo SanDonato+ Mashrooms
11.09 Marina di Massa, Italy at Tago Mago + Mashrooms
11.07 Corneliano d'Alba, Italy at Cinema Vekkio + Fuh
11.06 Montpellier, France at Baloard
11.05 Barcelona, Spain at the Moog Club
11.04 Vic, Spain at Jazz Cava
11.03 Salamanca, Spain at El Ralo
11.02 Madrid, Spain at the Wurlitzer Ballroom
11.01 Don Benito, Spain at Rincon Pio Sound + Mr. Proctector
10.31 Off
10.30 Pau, France at La Route du Son + Mr. Proctector
10.29 Nantes, France at Festival SOY
10.28 Montreuil, France at Instants Chavirés
10.27 Nancy, France at Totem
10.26 Off
10.25 Off
10.24 London, United Kingdom at The Windmill
10.23 Nottingham, United Kingdom at Spanky Van Dyke's
10.22 Newcastle, United Kingdom at Northumberland Arms
10.21 Cardiff, United Kingdom at SWN Festival
10.20 Birmingham, United Kingdom at the Sound Bar
10.19 Edinburgh, United Kingdom at Henry's Cellar Bar
10.18 Glasgow, United Kingdom at the 13th Note
10.17 Off
10.16 Huy, Belgium at La Mèzon
10.15 Offenbach, Germany at Hafen 2 + Big Bang
10.14 Linz, Austria at the Kapu Club
10.13 Wroclaw, Poland at Firlej Club
10.12 Warsaw, Poland at Powiekszenie
10.11 Czech Republic
10.10 Prague, Czech Republic at Futurum.musicbar + Shellac
10.09 Munich, Germany at Feierwerk/Kranhalle + Shellac
10.08 Bologna, Italy at Locomotiv + Shellac
10.07 Recanati, Italy at Extra Music Club + Shellac
10.06 Torino, Italy at Spazio 211 + Shellac


11.16 San Diego, CA at Casbah with Pinback
11.15 San Francisco, CA at The Independent with The Black Heart Procession
11.14 Off
11.13 Portland, OR at The Aladdin with The Black Heart Procession
11.12 Vancouver, BC at The Biltmore with The Black Heart Procession
11.11 Seattle WA at Chop Suey with The Black Heart Procession
11.10 Off
11.09 Off
11.08 Minneapolis, MN at 400 Bar with The Black Heart Procession
11.07 Chicago, IL at Bottom Lounge with The Black Heart Procession
11.06 Detroit, MI at The Crofoot with The Black Heart Procession
11.05 Toronto, ON at Lee's Palace with The Black Heart Procession
11.04 Montreal, QC at La Sala Rosa with The Black Heart Procession
11.03 Boston, MA at Paradise Rock Club with The Black Heart Procession
11.02 Off
11.01 New York, NY at The Bowery Ballroom with The Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers
10.31 Hoboken, NJ at Maxwell's with The Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers
10.30 Philadelphia, PA at Johnny Brenda's with The Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers
10.29 Washington, DC at The Black Cat with The Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers
10.28 Off
10.27 Carrboro, NC at Cat's Cradle with Pinback
10.26 Off
10.25 Orlando, FL at The Social with Pinback
10.24 Gainesville, FL at Common Grounds with Pinback
10.23 Tallahassee, FL at Club Downunder with Pinback
10.22 Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade with Pinback
10.21 Nashville, TN at Exit / In, with Pinback
10.20 Dallas, TX at the Loft with Pinback
10.19 Austin, TX at Emo's with Pinback
10.18 Off
10.17 Tempe, AZ at Marquee Theatre with Pinback
10.16 Albuquerque, NM at Launchpad with Oktober People and the Grave of Nobody's Darling

10.10 Bologna, Italy at Il Covo Club with Joileah (Sleeping People)
10.09 Verona, Italy at Interzona with Joileah (Sleeping People)
10.08 Geneve, Switzerland at Usine with Joileah (Sleeping People)
10.07 Innsbruck, Austria at PMK
10.06 Linz, Austria at Kapu
10.05 Prague, CZ at 007 Klub
10.04 Off
10.03 Off
10.02 Leeds, UK at the Brudenell Social Club
10.01 Bristol, UK at The Croft
09.30 Liverpool, UK at the Royal Standard Gallery
09.29 Leicester, UK at the Musician
09.28 Lille, France at La Malterie
09.27 Lyon, France at Sonic
09.26 Rennes, France at the Festival Jardin Moderne
09.25 Montaigu, France at Rock! Fellah Rock Festival
09.24 Le Havre, France at Cabaret Electrique
09.23 Colmar, France at Grillen
09.22 Rimini, Italy at GrottaRossa
09.21 Off
09.20 Terni, Italy at In Oltre at Palmetta

09.18 "The Precious Prize of Gravity" standalone CD released by the pretty Temporary Residence Ltd.

05.19 "The Precious Prize of Gravity" LP/CD pack released by the elegant Temporary Residence Ltd.


12.14 Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen with the Poison Arrows and the Chrome Robes
12.11 - 12.14 Chicago, IL, Recording/Mixing of "The Precious Prize of Gravity" at Electrical Audio


12.14 Catania, Sicily at Mercati Generali with Hoovers



03.28 Tokyo at Shinjuku Redcloth
03.27 Tokyo at Shibuya Cyclone
03.26 Tokyo at Shimokitazawa Club251
03.25 Tokyo at Shibuya Club Quattro with Mono
03.24 Tokyo at Shibuya Nest with Shipping News
03.22 Osaka at Fandango with Mono
03.21 Kyoto at Club Metro with Mono
03.19 Sendai at Junk Box with Mono
03.18 Tokyo at Shibuya Nest with Mono



10.21 Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen with .22, and Van Allen Belt
10.20 Milwaukee, WI at the Cactus Club with .22 and Members of the Yellow Press
10.19 Louisville, KY at Keswick Democratic Club with Lords and Transistor Transistor
10.17 Pittsburgh, PA at Garfield Artworks with Fearnots and Magic Wolf
10.15 Cambridge, MA at T.T. The Bears with Mono
10.14 Brooklyn. NY at the Northsix with Mono and Coptic Light
10.13 NYC, NY at Mercury Lounge with Mono and Psychic Paramount
10.12 Baltimore, MD at Talking Head with Mono
10.11 Philadelphia, PA at First Unitarian Church Sanctuary with Mono
10.10 Richmond, VA at Nanci Raygun with Mono, and Souvenirs Young America
10.09 Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506 with Mono
10.08 Atlanta, GA at The Earl with Mono
10.07 Gainesville, FL at Common Grounds with Mono
10.06 Orlando, FL at The Social with Mono and LKN
10.04 Tallahassee, FL at The Beta Bar with Mono and LKN
10.03 Baton Rouge, LA at Spanish Moon with Mono and Fred Weaver
10.02 Houston, TX at Mary Jane's Fat Cat with Mono and Sharks and Sailors
10.01 Austin, TX at Emos with Mono and Gorch Fock
09.30 Denton, TX at Haileys with Mono and Gorch Fock
09.29 Lawrence, KS at The Jackpot Saloon with Mono
09.28 Denver, CO at Larimer Lounge with Mono
09.27 Albuquerque, NM at Launchpad with Mono, Oktober People and Radio Difusora
09.26 Tucson, AZ at Plush with Mono
09.25 San Diego, CA at the Casbah with Mono and Sleeping People
09.24 Echo Park, CA at the Echo with Mono and Sleeping People
09.23 San Francisco, CA at Bottom of the Hill with Mono and The Drift
09.21 Portland, OR at Doug Fir Lounge with Mono and LKN
09.20 Seattle, WA at Sunset Tavern with Mono and LKN
09.17 Minneapolis, MN at Triple Rock Club with Mono
09.16 Chicago, IL at Subterranean with Mono and Headlights
09.14 Bloomington, IN at Second Story
09.13 Louisville, KY at Uncle Pleasant's with The Photographic

09.06 "Small Stones" LP/CD released by the beautiful Temporary Residence Ltd.




08.16 "The Buffalo Song"/"Never Again" 7" Single released by Radio is Down





03.25 Catania, Sicily at Mercati Generali with Theramin



12.04 Bologna, Italy at Il Covo Club with Mashrooms
12.03 Bergamo, Italy at ZeroMusicZone
12.02 Roma, Italy at Circolo degli Artisti with Jasminshock
12.01 Bari, Italy at Arci Agora
11.29 Rennes, France at Le Mondo Bizarro with Moller Plesset
11.28 Le Havre, France at Mamy Blue with Dicky Birds
11.27 Paris, France at Batofar
11.26 Lille, France at La Malterie with ???
11.25 Nancy, France at L'Austrasique with Milgram
11.24 Amiens, France at Le Grand Wazoo
11.23 Lyon, France at Grrround Zero with ???
11.20 Verona, Italy at Interzona Club

08.02 - 08.05 Austin, TX - Recording of the 'Small Stones' Sessions at the Bubble, Austin, TX
07.29 - 08.01 Austin, TX - Continue to write and rehearse the material for the 2nd album.
07.28 Austin, TX at Emo's with Oh, Beast!
07.19 - 08.01 Austin, TX - Write and rehearse the material for the 2nd album



07.31 Vicenza, Italy -  AreaSonica Festival - Show canceled due to plague of one bad promoter
07.28 San Luri, Sardinia at Open Air with Jasminshock - Show canceled due to plague of ticks
07.26 Pulsano, Italy at Rodeo with Jasminshock and Logan  
07.25 Naples, Italy at Neapolis Rock Festival with Patti Smith, Michael Stype and Lali Puna
07.24 Avola, Sicily at Parco Robinson with Theramin



10.14 Brooklyn, NY at North 6 with Shellac
10.13 Philadelphia, PA at Khyber Pass with Tekulvi
10.12 Baltimore, MD at Ottobar with Ex Models
10.10 New York, NY - Alexis joins
10.08 Athens, GA at Caledonia with Hex Error, Common Cold - Damon quits
10.07 Atlanta, GA at MJQ with Hex Error, Common Cold
10.05 Austin, TX 710 with USS Friendship

New Orleans, Gainesville, Miami and Tampa are canceled due to Hurricane Lilly

10.01 Houston, TX at Mary Janes with Q and Not U
09.29 Austin, TX at EMOS with Switchitter
09.26 Phoenix, AZ at Modified
09.25 San Diego, CA at The Casbah with Black Heart Procession
09.24 Los Angeles, CA at The Smell
09.22 San Francisco, CA at Edinburgh Castle with Caesura and Everlasting the Way
09.21 Eureka, CA at Vista with Caesura
09.20 Portland, OR at the Blackbird with 31 Knots
09.19 Seattle, WA at Sit and Spin with 31 Knots
09.18 Missoula, MT at Jays Upstairs
09.15 Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle
09.14 Bloomington, IN at 2nd Story with Parlour
09.13 Louisville, KY at Rudyard Kipling with Parlour
09.11 Akron, OH at the Lime Spider
09.10 Pittsburgh, PA at the 31st St. Pub with Creta Bourzia

09.10 "Snowing Sun" CD released by Monitor & Palace Records






07.12 Rome, Italy at Fata Morgana
07.11 San Martino Spino, Italy at Barchessone
07.09 Cuneo, Italy at I Nuvolari with One Dimensional Man
07.07 Saracena, Italy at Al Locale di Antonio
07.06 Brancaleone, Italy at Il Solito Posto
07.05 Chiramonte Gulfi, Sicily at Al Vecchio Abberverato



07.27 Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle with Fred Weaver
07.23 - 26 Recording of the 'Snowing Sun' session at Electrical Audio, Chicago, Il.
07.21 Indianapolis, IN at Knights of Columbus Hall with Fred Weaver
07.20 Louisville, KY at Art Center with Fred Weaver
07.19 Atlanta, GA at Echo Lounge with Shannon Wright and Fred Weaver
07.17 Athens at the 40 Watt with Man or Astroman? and Fred Weaver
07.16 Chapel Hill, NC at Go Rehearsal Studios with Fred Weaver
07.15 Washington, DC at the Black Cat with Early Humans and Fred Weaver
07.14 Baltimore, MD at the Ottobar with Fred Weaver
07.13 Philadelphia, PA at Khyber Pass with Golden & Fred Weaver - Corey Feldman in attendance
07.12 Manhattan, NY at Brownies with Golden and Fred Weaver - Alexis in attendance
07.11 Boston, MA at the Middle East with Major Stars
07.10 Cleveland, OH at Beachland Tavern with Golden and Fred Weaver
07.09 Pittsburgh, PA with Ex Models, I am the World Trade Center and Fred Weaver

06.24 - 07.08
Punxstawney, PA - Giovanna Cacciola and Matthew Taylor join Bellini, rehearsing and writing material for the 1st album Snowing Sun.

01.11 Baltimore, MD at Otto bar with Dead Meadow and S Prcss
01.08 Chicago, Il at Empty Bottle with Haymarket Riot, Hertzsprung Gap, and Tekulvi

01.01 - 01.06 Punxstawney, PA - Bellini continues writing and practicing songs for Bellini with Guitar and Drums as it's line-up.



12.19 - 12.31 Punxstawney, PA Bellini meets to continue writing material.

08.12 Catania,Sicily - Bellini is born, Agostino and Damon begin writing songs.



Agostino and Giovanna meet Damon when Uzeda plays in Pittsburgh, PA, but sadly they do not start Bellini then.



Alexis meets Agostino and Giovanna when they book Girls Against Boys in Sicily, but sadly they do not start Bellini then.



Agostino and Matthew attend the Drag City Invitational at Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, but sadly they do not meet and start Bellini then.



Matthew and Damon Che meet when Don Caballero plays Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL. Matthew is working at Touch and Go Records as the Art Director.

Matthew Taylor and Alexis Fleisig meet when Girls Against Boys play Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL.



Agostino Tilotta is a DJ at a radio station in Sicily, Giovanna Cacciola calls in to win tickets for a concert. They meet. Soon they marry.

Life is chance meetings, bonds made, friendships forged.

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